General Dentistry.

General Dentistry

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime but if a problem should arise, rest assured that we will return you to health as efficiently as possible and with a gentle touch. A healthy mouth is indicative of a healthy body and regular visits to our highly skilled dentists and therapist/hygienist will ensure your dental wellbeing is maintained.

We provide all the services you would expect from a dental practice including fillings (white and amalgam), extractions and root canal treatments but our focus on preventive dentistry means that you are less likely to need these invasive treatments.

Health & Hygiene
During a visit to our therapist/hygienist the bacterial plaque that builds up between visits – contributing to decay, gum disease and bad breath – is removed leaving your mouth healthy and smelling fresh. You have more to lose than your teeth if you allow gum disease to continue unhindered. A plaque-free mouth is likely to stay strong and healthy for life and our hygiene visits will positively contribute to this outcome.

Children & Nervous Patients
What we learn as children becomes established habits for life. That’s why we believe it’s vital to teach good tooth brushing and dietary routines from an early age. We guide younger patients so they learn the fundamentals of establishing good oral hygiene habits to prevent dental problems in the future. Nervous patients are always delighted to discover our professional medical sedation service.


The staff were friendly, professional and put me at ease. Everything was fully explained so I understood the complex treatment I was to embark on. The outcome – a superb smile.
Wendy Griffiths


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