New Patients – A warm welcome awaits patients from across Wrexham, Chester, Gresford and Oswestry.

New Patients

We welcome new patients and provide a thorough initial consultation to ensure we become familiar with your mouth, your dental health and any desires you have for cosmetic enhancement. Your first appointment will include:

  • the completion of our health and smile appraisal questionnaires
  • a discussion of your general and dental health and the appearance of your smile
  • a comprehensive 20-point dental health assessment
  • X-rays to check the health of the areas inside, under and between the teeth and the health of your jaw bone.

Following the consultation you will receive advice to help you to maintain or improve your dental health. If you do require treatment you will receive full details and a written estimate of costs.

Nervous about visiting the dentist?

At Springfield Dental we use Hypnovel (Midazolam) for our intravenous sedation. This is a very safe drug, belonging to the ‘Valium’ family (the Benzodiazepines), which has been used successfully for many years in the treatment of anxious and phobic dental patients and also in many other areas of medicine.

For your safety and peace of mind, during your appointment, we will carefully monitor your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure.

How do we do it?

A small injection is given to you through a vein in the back of you hand or in your arm. The sedative is given slowly and your response is carefully monitored, so that we give you the right amount.

What are the effects of being sedated?

It will make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Afterwards you will probably not remember anything about your treatment.

We fully understand that patients may be very nervous about receiving dental treatment, but with intravenous sedation you will never need to worry about having dental treatment again. We also provide a dedicated patient advisor in one of our separate comfortable lounges where you can relax, and have a coffee.

To find out more request our Welcome Pack. Call Springfield Dental on 01978 851 300 or email us at

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